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Chinese porcelain/zisha gaiwan covered teacup lid saucer ceramic handpainted cup


Coffee Set Espresso Latte Ottoman Turkish Gaiwan Porcelain Saucer Cup Mug Copper


China/zisha gaiwan tea bowl lid saucer tureen blue-and-white porcelain cup set


on sales China gaiwan porcelain/zisha/glass tea bowl cup saucer covered bowl lid


Yixing Purple Clay Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Cup Gongfu Tea Bowl 110ml(M) GW017


Tea Set Include 1 Pot 1 Cup Elegant Gaiwan Kettle Tea Pot Porcelain Teapot


130ml Chinese JingDe GongFu Tea Porcelain Peony Flower Gaiwan Teacup Tea Cup


Chinese Gaiwan Tea Set Kung Fu White Ceramic Gaiwan Teaware Sancai Tea Cup


Chinese porcelain tea set fish relief ceramic gaiwan kungfu tea pot pitcher cups


White Porcelain Gaiwan, 125ml US Seller


Traditional Gongfu Tea Clear Glass Gaiwan 150ml FH-333


Porcelain Easy Gaiwan with "spirits" pattern, 150ml US Seller


Lotus Flower Silver Inlaid Gaiwan, 150ml US Seller


White Porcelain Gaiwan Hills and Mountain Scene, 140ml US Seller


Dragon and Phoenix Gaiwan, 135ml US Seller


Gold Jade House Rice Pattern Gaiwan, 135ml US Seller


Textured Glass Gaiwan, 125ml US Seller


Jingdezhen Sancai Gaiwan Big Size Blue and White Porcelain Retro Tea Cup E


Tea Cups 6pcs Chinese Porcelain Set Fish Bowl Ceramic Gaiwan Kungfu Pot Pitcher


Porcelain Gaiwan with "spirits" pattern, 130ml US Seller


Tan Porcelain Gaiwan with red flowers pattern, 125ml US Seller


11 Pcs Travel Tea Sets Chinese Portable Ceramic Bone China Gaiwan Teacup Kung Fu


Pure White Porcelain Gaiwan Covered Tea Bowl Cup 150ml(L) GW036


Chinese Blue & White gaiwan Porcelain Tea Bowl Lid and Saucer Set of Six


Fish Gaiwan


Gaiwan, Traditional Gong Fu Cha


Lotus Gaiwan


340ml big gaiwan porcelain tea bowl Chinese tureen Jingdezhen craft China cup


Gaiwan High white ceramic tea set Colorful hand-painted powder enamel bowl cups


Longquan celadon gaiwan porcelain tea cup bowl fish design handpainted floral


NEW 4pcs Chinese Porcelain Blue phoenix Gaiwan Pitcher Chahai teacup cup tea set


Handmade High Quality Satin Glass Gongfu Tea Gaiwan Brewing Vessel 150ml


on sales porcelain gaiwan handpainted floral tureen lid saucer ceramic tea set


Newly listed porcelain gaiwan ceramic tureen covered bowl tea service lid saucer


80ml Mini GaiWan Chinese Kung Fu Teaset Samll Size Ceramic Tea Cup


Moon White Ru Kiln Celadon Gaiwan 110ml 3.72oz


porcelain gaiwan glass tea bowl covered Chinese ceramic tureen China cup bowls


newly listed porcelain gaiwan glaze tureen Jingdezhen cup bowl pot coaster blue


Jingdezhen craft porcelain gaiwan handpainted tureen covered bowl cup saucer lid


Chinese tea bowl blue-and-white porcelain tea set gaiwan ceramic tureen pot mat


Zhen Chang Shun White Ceramic Gaiwan 100ml 3.4 fl oz


High Grade Large Traditional Gongfu Tea Clear Glass Gaiwan 170ml 5.75 oz


Chinese zisha purple clay tea set stoneware tea pot tea cup gaiwan dragon design


Creative gaiwan porcelain tureen in chinese tea bowl color enamels floral bowls